Since 2004, the phenomenon that is ‘parkrun’ has been spreading across the country: volunteer-led, free-for-all 5K runs, every week, on a Saturday morning. Edinburgh of course, is no exception. In fact there are now two Edinburgh parkruns – the original at Cramond and a newer one in Portobello. Although my attendance could be a little better (particularly through the winter months), I’m a huge fan so thought I’d share my reasons why: 1. “Parkrun is not a race – it’s a run.” Although I like the challenge of beating my ‘personal best’ sometimes I just go out and plod round… View Post

For the last few years, we’ve embraced the ‘rule’ that circulates the internet encouraging people to only gift each other four presents; something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. In addition to this, we have stocking gifts – that actually fit in a stocking – and a small gift from Santa. I’ve also fallen hook, line and sinker for Christmas Eve boxes too… but even then, these are not jammed packed with stuff. I would’ve have thought most people would be in favour of attempting to stem the tide of excess. Personally, I find… View Post

Filling the days in the Summer Holidays is always a challenge. I want to make the most of everyday but sometimes it can be hard to think of what to do. Ultimately I know the kids would be happy to hang out at the park but that’s not exactly how I like to spend MY day! So when ScotRail approached us to review their Edinburgh Days Out Travel Pass I leapt at the opportunity. The pass is £34 for a family pass (two adults and two kids) and offers two days of consecutive, unlimited, off peak travel to destinations around… View Post

When I hear of friends talking about amazing days out they’ve had, I often ask if they’d like to write up the experience for the blog. I think it can be really tough to think of ‘new’ activities to do with the kids. It’s so easy to fall into familiar routines and just stick to what you know. There 100% is nothing wrong with that but recently I’ve been trying to be more adventurous and kick up our routine. Gathering ideas from other people is therefore critical. I don’t want to sacrifice what we know and like for a disaster. Usually… View Post

Edinburgh Festival really is for everyone. Once upon a time I may have been frequenting late night comedy shows and whiling away my hours in a Pimms bar. But since kids, if anything, I’ve actually embraced the festival even more. If anyone is wondering how to get the best out of the festival this year, I thought I’d just share a few of my top tips for enjoying Edinburgh Festival with Kids One Go early and hang out before shows (and don’t be put off by the rain!) Children’s Shows are often at venues with additional entertainment. One year, Russell Square even had… View Post