As Valentine’s Day slowly approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot about how best to celebrate it with the kids. As Katie has struggled to let go of Christmas, it’s been a useful trick to be able to say we’re done with that – Valentine’s Day is soon! However, I absolutely did not want to get pulled into the commercialism of it all. It just seems to be another drain on finances and a far cry from any kind of genuine celebration of love. Love is far more in my mind than romantic love. What is romantic love anyway? Getting flowers?… View Post

I’ve always enjoyed making gingerbread biscuits from an old family recipe. I asked my Mum to send me the instructions which I dutifully followed in the way I have always done. But after chatting to Mum about the ingredients I was using, it turns out I’ve always done it wrong! The recipe calls for molasses which I thought meant the dark sugar but was apparently meant to be syrup. I think they’re still pretty tasty and have always turned out all right, so here’s my method for gingerbread biscuits: