There is no doubt that pizza is top of the favourites list for my kids. It’s easy to eat as it’s about the only thing I’ll let them eat with their fingers, and with little effort it can be adapted to suit different tastes. Given the diversity of likes alongside dietary requirements in the family, upon discovering this great pizza recipe making our own was a fairly obvious move. Of course, creating our own sauces and pizza topping varieties just made things a whole lot more fun! Today I thought I’d share our Friday night pizza-night following this really easy pizza recipe:

As Valentine’s Day slowly approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot about how best to celebrate it with the kids. As Katie has struggled to let go of Christmas, it’s been a useful trick to be able to say we’re done with that – Valentine’s Day is soon! However, I absolutely did not want to get pulled into the commercialism of it all. It just seems to be another drain on finances and a far cry from any kind of genuine celebration of love. Love is far more in my mind than romantic love. What is romantic love anyway? Getting flowers?… View Post

It’s been a while since The Great British Bake Off has brought weekly joy to my life and of course, baking inspiration. The arrival of January,  in which so many want to watch their weight, has brought my motivation to make cake to a low point. Gâteau au yaourt doesn’t count in my mind as it contains yoghurt which is obviously healthy! The more astute among you would have noticed from last week’s ‘day in the life of’ post that I’m currently reading ‘French kids don’t throw food.’ Although I’ve read this before,  as I approach weaning with Thomas, I’m keen to remind myself of different cultures… View Post