The Lyceum is a magical theatre. The red plush seats, the traditional fireplace as you walk up from the entrance and the most beautiful ornate celling in the auditorium make it mesmerising. There is also something really special about going to the theatre in the festive season. For me and my family it’s become the start of our festive celebrations. The Christmas show this year does not disappoint. Arabian Nights is full of colour wonder, music, stories and beautiful sets. There are two talking dogs (played by puppets) that make appearances throughout the show. Their farting provides hilarity amongst the… View Post

December seems to have contained so much already – it’s hard to believe the holidays haven’t already happened! The past few weeks have contained so many parties, shows, and events it just seems to have been non-stop. Today also marks the end of the #xmashashtagchallenge that I’ve been co-hosting with Cathryn from Little Paper Swan. It’s been so much fun to see everyone’s interpretations of the prompts – even if I’ve found it hard to keep up myself! I’m so grateful that so many people have taken part and have really engaged in our little Instagram community! I was recently tagged… View Post

Merry Christmas Eve! Hope you’re all prepared for the big day tomorrow and can find some time to relax! We wanted to say thank you so much, truly, for reading Edinburgh with Kids. It means a lot that you take the time to come here. This week we’re spending time with our families and enjoying our various traditions. Some of the wonderful people who have contributed to Edinburgh with Kids this year have shared their favourite things to read over Christmas with you – in case you’re looking for inspiration… “The tradition we had when we were children was to read another bit of the nativity… View Post

Plato lived in Athens from around 428-348BC. As one of the most influential philosophers in Western History, it can be argued that he lay the very foundations of science, philosophy and mathematics. One of the first things we talk about in Philosophy, is how we gain knowledge – namely through our senses. However, Plato’s point was that whilst we ‘learn’ through these experiences, we are forever trapped in our personal interpretation. There’s a very famous story – ‘Plato’s Cave’ – in which he described a group of people living under the earth in a cave. The people have been trapped… View Post

Have you started wrapping your Christmas presents yet? If you’re anything like me, the answer will be no but it will be on a very long to-do list! I generally follow the same formula each year; opting to shun the garish shiny paper and attempting to find some style by using that well known combo of brown paper, twine, luggage tag and twig (stolen from the Christmas tree). I think in the back of my head, I’ve always felt better using recycled paper amongst all the excess packaging of Christmas. My family traditionally would use gift bags each year, and would just use… View Post