So confession time: I am definitely not someone who has completed their Christmas shopping before December. I get annoyed at my husband for CONSTANTLY putting Christmas movies on for the years throughout the year, and I’m not really a fan of Christmas music. Yet here I am writing a post about Christmas, in October. Why is this? Well, I have to confess that some things Christmas related do need an element of forethought and planning. Not everything can be left for advent or I’d love to know how much you get done before Advent, but thought I’d share where… View Post

If the past week is anything to go by it’s time to prepare for the apocalypse let alone standard wet weather. But in Scotland, it always sense to be prepared. Where else in the world has ‘extra’ words for miserable weather? I’m actually delighted that the nation’s favourite word is in fact, ‘dreich.’ It gives you a good idea about how stoic people are here but also is a good indication of what weather we should be preparing for! To make things a little better, I’ve been looking at various wet weather style options – attempting to find options for… View Post

A few years ago, I totally failed to buy a pumpkin in the run up to Halloween and my kids were less that impressed with me bring up a ‘mini’ pumpkin instead. But after they began to appear in our veg box delivery each week, I’ve actually become quite adept at cooking them. It’s basically impossible to scroll through Instagram at the moment without seeing an array – I’m just as guilty – so it makes sense to think about how to cook them! Today, I thought I’d just share my favourite recipe for a quick weekday supper. It’s perfect… View Post

Little Paper Swans is one of my favourite blogs to read to just escape to a world of beautiful food, white space and brilliant photography. It helps that Cathryn is also based in Norfolk, one of my favourite places in the world! Blogging since 2012, Cathryn now shares tales of motherhood, simple (but delicious) recipes and records of days out to the beautiful places in their area. As Mama to 2 year-old Edith, it’s clear that Cathryn already leads a busy life but with baby two on the way I’m expecting more beautiful photos to be dominating her Instagram. Read on… View Post

Have you got any favourite Halloween events?  We’ve already been round the Botanics Halloween Trail already this year and I’m sure we’ll be going again. With young children we don’t like to attend gruesome or scary events and prefer to find things that just involve lots of fun and activity. Rather than doing ‘trick or treat’ here, we follow the Scottish tradition of guising so are already busy preparing a song to perform on Halloween.  There are loads of great events on offer this holiday, if you’re still looking for ideas… The Ultimate Halloween Party In less than ideal weather it’s sometimes best… View Post