An old school friend of mine posted on Facebook that her five year-old had recently posed the question, ‘How did the first person get on this world? There wouldn’t have been anyone for them to be born from.’ Whilst I  found the question amusing, my response was definitely that of a philosophy teacher: ‘David Hume would say that she’s only looking for a first cause because it’s emotionally reassuring, and that you should tell her that ‘instances of which we have had no experience need not resemble those of which we have had experience…’ The existence of man may just be ‘brute… View Post

I’m not about to start disclosing my daughter’s full medical history, which would be long, boring and a bit grim at times, but suffice to say – she has a number of food intolerances. At one point we were entirely off dairy, but had begun to re-introduce it in the hope that her gut had matured a little more. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to have been the case and we’ve been referred back to the children’s hospital again. Whilst we begin the months of waiting for an appointment, we will need to manage Katie’s diet as closely as possible but… View Post

This past weekend we had planned on attending the Santa Parade and other festivities in Stockbridge, but with the arrival of ‘Storm Desmond’ we decided just to stay home. I was disappointed because I know that the events were organised by the local trade association and a bunch of shops were putting on cool little activities, but my cough is still going and Katie has also been unwell – so we decided that we would have a low-key weekend… but cheer ourselves up by getting a Christmas tree!

I’m still a fairly new convert to Instagram but a quick look at my stream would tell you that I’m more than a little obsessed with the monochrome style. Aside from the fact that monochrome is gender-neutral, I really like the minimalist approach to clothing. It seems clean and simple. Calm even. I think many baby clothes are white for a good reason; without getting too esoteric about it – I think white is a pure colour, a blank slate, a starting point. The place babies begin. White allows colour – or personality – to show. Obviously it’s also the… View Post

We rarely stay at home over weekends, generally opting to go explore castles or just wander along the shore at Crammond. Last weekend’s weather was so horrific that we made the unusual move of staying in with the kids. I have. of course, already written about our gingerbread biscuits but we also embarked on making some salt dough decorations for our (soon to arrive) Christmas tree. I’ve always had a strict colour theme for our tree – red and gold – but this year Katie is quite adamant that Santa only likes BLUE. A more accurate statement would be to say that… View Post