Food markets are a highlight of Edinburgh weekends for me. So with the arrival of a sunny weekend, I took the opportunity to meander round the Shore at Leith whilst checking out the new(ish) food market there. Katie had been up at half-five that morning so I guessed she wouldn’t be up for a long walk. Rather than being deterred I stuck her in the buggy and set off at a decent pace for once! She asked to get out (when spying the canons) but on the whole was happy to sit and take in everything that was going on. I… View Post

To an extent we experiment on our children daily: Will they eat the same thing they did yesterday? Can they be trusted to pick up their bath towels? Can they last five minutes without arguing about something?! But wee science takes it all one step further… Last Friday however, we went one step further and volunteered Katie to take part in a study at the University of Edinburgh. A few weeks ago, I wrote about attending the ‘Superhero Science Show’ at the National Museum and how Katie was particularly keen to be a Scientist. Every time they had asked for a volunteer she had… View Post

I’ve been talking to Hannah, owner of the fabulous 56 Newington. Back in the spring I saw a post on Edinburgh Gossip Girls about HD Brows and after a quick Google decided to check it out. I was so glad I followed up on the link but not only because I was delighted with my new brows. The stylist that had been recommended turned out to be beyond lovely and my day was greatly improved by meeting her: Hannah was warm and friendly, making me feel instantly at ease and she obviously knew what she was doing working quickly and confidently. She took the time not only to show… View Post

Since I’ve had more time at home over the last few months, I’ve found that my spending has slowly been increasing. I’m often tired at the end of the day so resort to take-out. If I’m being brutally honest, I’m often tired during the day so have also found my stops at coffee shops have become more frequent – which usually involve purchasing a cheeky muffin and something for Katie. Finally, my online shopping has increased dramatically. I think that the advent of Paypal has made impulse spending too easy as I don’t have to even have to find my wallet.  Whilst I don’t necessarily regret any of… View Post

Update on the quest to lose the mummy tummy: this week was my second session with Susan from Streamline Personal Training. It kind of felt like I had only just recovered from the last one but then time just seems to be flying far too fast! This week we went through a series of circuits targeting key areas such as aerobic fitness, upper body strength and core muscles. At times, I did feel quite disheartened by the amount that I couldn’t do: at one point I was laying flat on my back trying to lift my feet off the floor.… View Post