Today has not been the most successful – the washing machine broke, the clip on the baby sling shattered, the lock on the front door bust and if the wet weather continues for much longer, I think I’m going to start building an ark! With all of that and sniffles aplenty in our house, comfort food was definitely called for. Sadly, we ate all the chocolate brownies from last week and something a little more wholesome was needed. Thanks to the Leith food market, we had a gorgeous cabbage in the fridge and for some reason we had built up stocks… View Post

This past weekend we headed to the city centre to sample some of the Edinburgh Christmas festivities. With small children in tow we were keen to avoid the worst of the crowds, so decided to head to St Andrews Square rather than the Princes Street Gardens – although I hear it is of epic proportions this year!

I was a little in awe meeting the fabulous Julia Murray this week and have really been looking forward to introducing her to you, along with her fabulous new venture – Bunny Hop! Bunny Hop is an online boutique that stocks fun, functional clothing and accessories for kids, from 0-6. Rather than bowing to the expectations of the mass market it aims to bring high quality, natural products that children will enjoy wearing. I’ve learnt over the years that both Ben and Katie will not wear something, no matter how expensive or ‘designer’, if it’s not comfortable or does not… View Post

It is so easy to amass a huge number of toys – with them being so readily available in supermarkets for low prices, I often found myself caving into demands and buying something thinking ‘it’s only a couple of quid.’ But the problem with this approach is that those toys slowly built up. They were quickly forgotten about and shoved into boxes in an effort to tidy, but over time those boxes began to spill over. I found trying to do a tidy-up with the kids impossible, both Ben and Katie would claim the long forgotten tat as ‘the best toy ever’and… View Post

I have massive issues with the vast majority of marketing aimed at parents today. Any parent who has tried to find something remotely gender neutral in a typical high street store will surely understand my concern.  If you have a boy, then expect him to be dressed in blue, grey or brown garments adorned with dinosaurs or digger trucks. He will play with toy cars or trains, and if he goes against the grain and displays imagination, you can provide him with a toy tool kit. At the other end of the spectrum, a girl will be typically be dressed… View Post