Whilst I haven’t abandoned my 2016 reading challenge, March was not a good month. I was contacted by two friends with book recommendations which could not have been more different. I downloaded both with the intention of reading them in order to write this amazing review about contrasting books… but haven’t read either of them. I’ve not lacked the time to read recently, but have definitely lacked the brain capacity. Both Katie and Thomas have been ill, I was on antibiotics for ten days that make me feel like I was viewing the world through a haze, and life has just seemed like chaos. I hope that things are… View Post

I am not anti-iPad – far from it – but I have to say that I get tired of cartoon voices and the lack of real interaction with devices. Whilst you can argue that people are communicating online or learning a multitude of things from online videos, websites or games, I personally don’t think it can replace actual real life interaction. I’m a huge fan of old-fashioned board games or even card games for that reason. I think they teach kids all kinds of important skills that are sometimes forgotten.

The last few weeks of my life have been a bit of a blur. There have been some definite highlights – such as our photoshoot with Anna Moffat for Bon Tot, slowly gaining more followers on Instagram and Facebook, seeing readers return to the blog (THANK YOU!) and of course – normal Edinburgh life has continued with my kids! On the flip side, I lost out on an opportunity I had been hoping for, and had the worst case of tonsillitis I can remember. I’ve been on really strong antibiotics for the last week that have made me super drowsy and… View Post

One of my favourite ways to spend a lazy weekend is meandering down the streets of Stockbridge, taking in the vast and varied selection of delis, cafés and independent shops. It’s been awesome to watch the area continue to grow and thrive and without a doubt, the arrival of Bon Tot was a welcome addition. Launched online in 2014, Bon Tot opened its first bricks and mortar store last Autumn, nestled right in the heart of Edinburgh, at 28 St Stephen Street. Specialising in baby and toddler clothing and a beautiful range of toys, it’s hard not to instantly fall… View Post

Michel de Montaigne is perhaps one of my favourite philosophers. Rather than spouting obscure phrases or finding ethereal ideas – his writing was very much based upon the real world. He could be considered something of a narcissist as he largely wrote about himself, but as his anecdotes were largely combined with insightful observations about the world… I think he can be forgiven. Montaigne believed that many people were unhappy because they felt inadequate in some way. For anyone who has lacked self-esteem at any point, this is an easy concept to identify with! Montaigne identified different areas that he felt… View Post