For the last few years, we’ve embraced the ‘rule’ that circulates the internet encouraging people to only gift each other four presents; something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. In addition to this, we have stocking gifts – that actually fit in a stocking – and a small gift from Santa. I’ve also fallen hook, line and sinker for Christmas Eve boxes too… but even then, these are not jammed packed with stuff. I would’ve have thought most people would be in favour of attempting to stem the tide of excess. Personally, I find… View Post

I obviously spend a lot of time on social media. It’s kind of my job as a blogger – but that’s not to say that it can’t be soul destroying at times. The ever changing algorithms of Instagram, the rumour that Facebook will be abolishing pages and we now all need groups, the utter bewilderment caused by Pinterest planning – whilst it’s undoubtedly key to successful blogging, I can’t honest say it causes much happiness. I am therefore slightly cautious to share this guest post with you. Whilst I adore Megan’s take on Social Media, and can honestly see the benefit… View Post

So confession time: I am definitely not someone who has completed their Christmas shopping before December. I get annoyed at my husband for CONSTANTLY putting Christmas movies on for the years throughout the year, and I’m not really a fan of Christmas music. Yet here I am writing a post about Christmas, in October. Why is this? Well, I have to confess that some things Christmas related do need an element of forethought and planning. Not everything can be left for advent or I’d love to know how much you get done before Advent, but thought I’d share where… View Post

Have you heard of the Instagram account Mothers Before? Inspired by a character from her Novel ‘Woman No. 17’, Edan Lepucki has curated this brilliant feed filled with photographs of women before they were mothers. Each is accompanied by an explanation of who they are and there are some absolutely astounding stories. The photos range from the 1940s up to the 90s so there really is an impressive range of photos. It got me thinking though –  an ‘old’ photo for my children isn’t really all that old. ‘Old’ for them could actually be a matter of months as they… View Post

Do your kids (or kids you know) say anything that just makes you melt? Kids really can say the best things sometimes and you just have no idea where it came from. I love it when kids are just chatting way, but without making complete sense. When Katie was about three and a half – she kept dropping the phrase ‘fat leo’ in to conversations. It eventually became something more like ‘fac-tu-leo’ until one day, it just disappeared altogether and came out as ‘actually’. I was so sad when I realised she had corrected herself but couldn’t tell you exactly when… View Post