Plato lived in Athens from around 428-348BC. As one of the most influential philosophers in Western History, it can be argued that he lay the very foundations of science, philosophy and mathematics. One of the first things we talk about in Philosophy, is how we gain knowledge – namely through our senses. However, Plato’s point was that whilst we ‘learn’ through these experiences, we are forever trapped in our personal interpretation. There’s a very famous story – ‘Plato’s Cave’ – in which he described a group of people living under the earth in a cave. The people have been trapped… View Post

Last week I asked the kids in my class who they thought should lead the country and the answers were varied to say the least. We had Shrek, Donkey, Kanye West, some vlogger I had never heard of… and one boy who thoughtfully considered the Lib Dems could be a good option. They would also quite like to be on holiday already – but only if they can take their friends with them or if I could host a party for them each day! Whilst the kids may be residing in dream land, Jet2holidays have launched a competition to make… View Post

I was recently asked by a reader about preparing for a new baby – specifically, what I thought the ‘must have’ items really are and how much of ‘everything’ was needed. I can remember standing in John Lewis (pregnant with Katie) just overwhelmed with all the decisions. What kind of vests, how many sleep suits, what pram to buy. It was all so intense. It occurred to me, that with the launch of the Scottish Baby Box that may not be a problem for expecting parents anymore. So, today I’m delighted to share a post by Tricia Murray of Edinburgh Birth… View Post

Gratitude is a continuous theme in my house. I have three boys who often take for granted the various activities and treats they enjoy. The statement, from my five year old last week, when presented with chicken risotto said it all; ‘This is not what I ordered!’ After turning away to hide my disbelief and laughter, I explained he didn’t live in a restaurant and should be grateful for what he had. ‘Well, it’s still not what I ordered…’ he replied.. <sigh> We are forever prompting our children to say thank you and teaching children gratitude is a natural progression.… View Post

November is without a doubt a long month. The excitement of Halloween is soon forgotten, and the colour of bonfire night seems like a world away as those dark nights set in. Leaving for work in darkness, and getting home in darkness soon becomes a norm. Even at the weekend, the parks become empty as the weather reaches freezing temperatures. I’m used to all of this affecting MY mood, but I haven’t noticed the effect in my kids before. Katie is really missing playing out with her friends. Not even a month ago at 6pm she could be happily scooting… View Post