Since 2004, the phenomenon that is ‘parkrun’ has been spreading across the country: volunteer-led, free-for-all 5K runs, every week, on a Saturday morning. Edinburgh of course, is no exception. In fact there are now two Edinburgh parkruns – the original at Cramond and a newer one in Portobello. Although my attendance could be a little better (particularly through the winter months), I’m a huge fan so thought I’d share my reasons why: 1. “Parkrun is not a race – it’s a run.” Although I like the challenge of beating my ‘personal best’ sometimes I just go out and plod round… View Post

Last May, my beautiful friend Jen shared the story of how her son Finlay died suddenly from Meningitis. Since then, Jen (and a team of supporters) have worked to found Finlay’s Friends in memory of the kindest he always showed to others. They aim to support other families who experience similar situations to Finlay’s family, by providing support when it is needed most. You never can prepare to be in a situation like that, so Finlay’s Friends provides Comfort Kits to families of seriously ill children admitted to hospital in an emergency. As well as additional support including useful information for… View Post

In the world of yoga and yoga philosophy there are the Yamas and Niyamas found in the Yoga Sutras. For a yoga practitioner these come before the asana and are ethical, moral, social guidelines on the way you live. Although the Yoga Sutras were written between the second century BCE and the fifth century CE, they are still astoundingly relevant today particular in todays world. The first of the Yamas is Ahimsa and translates as non-violence. This means treating yourself and all living things with compassion and kindness. On a practical level this may be not gossiping about others, only… View Post

There is no denying that dark evenings are closing in fast and with that, motivation for outside exercise is waning. The idea of going for a run in the cold and dark just doesn’t appeal. You may be one of those people who can run about with a head torch, but you know… just no. It’s time to embrace staying in doors and just appreciating the wealth of inspiration you can find on the internet. Whether your thing is yoga and meditation, or HITT workouts to burn the pounds in as short as time as possible. It’s great that there… View Post

Swimming is one of those things that I think is just easier if you nail it early. If you grow up as something as habit then it’s just something you’re used to rather than it being a big deal. Like my kids are pretty scared of animals, but that’s really because we’re so rarely around them. They’re like this big, unpredictable unknown. For many kids, I imagine water must be like that. Swimming pools tend to be very big and loud places. If you’re not used to visiting then it must be really daunting. But with life being as hectic… View Post