Swimming is one of those things that I think is just easier if you nail it early. If you grow up as something as habit then it’s just something you’re used to rather than it being a big deal. Like my kids are pretty scared of animals, but that’s really because we’re so rarely around them. They’re like this big, unpredictable unknown. For many kids, I imagine water must be like that. Swimming pools tend to be very big and loud places. If you’re not used to visiting then it must be really daunting. But with life being as hectic… View Post

I’ll be perfectly honest, I often end up doing the same activities in Edinburgh on repeat. We basically rotate between the Botanics, Soft Play and the National Museum. But when the weather is good and I’m prepared to brave the walk up the hill – Edinburgh Zoo is an absolute winner. Today, I bring you 5 simple tips for enjoying a day out at Edinburgh Zoo… 1. For me, any good day out needs to involve coffee. Yes, I’m addicted to caffeine but feeding the habit is far more enjoyable than weaning myself off it. The best coffee place, is by… View Post

Have you got any favourite Halloween events?  We’ve already been round the Botanics Halloween Trail already this year and I’m sure we’ll be going again. With young children we don’t like to attend gruesome or scary events and prefer to find things that just involve lots of fun and activity. Rather than doing ‘trick or treat’ here, we follow the Scottish tradition of guising so are already busy preparing a song to perform on Halloween.  There are loads of great events on offer this holiday, if you’re still looking for ideas… The Ultimate Halloween Party In less than ideal weather it’s sometimes best… View Post

As you know we regularly feature illustrations by the wonderful Alison Soye and if you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll have seen a few guest posts from my friend Coo Clayton. I was so overjoyed that their children’s books, Maggie’s Mittens has finally hit the shelves and that you can now share in the joy too! The story follows young Maggie round Scotland who is determined to lose her scratchy mittens! So many of the places are recognisable to us, but even for the places we haven’t been Alison’s illustrations bring the places to life. Alison has taken a… View Post

Edinburgh is undoubtedly a beautiful city, but it really is so full of colour this Autumn. One of my favourite things to do is to wonder through Middle Meadow Walk – coffee in hand – looking at all the different colours dotted around. It’s also a time to make sure that you get out with the kids before those dark winter days really do creep in. We’re lucky to have half term approach, so I’m really excited that my favourite children’s author – Coo Clayton –  has shared her 5 Family Must Dos in Edinburgh this Autumn: Kick up the leaves in the… View Post