Sometimes when I look at parenting blogs it seems like people are permanently doing something with their kids. Not just driving them around in the car, but wholesome activity, such as a walk in the woods.  It often leaves me feeling a little inadequate (and guilty that I let Katie use her iPad too much!). I’ve been wondering if I also give the impression that I’m also ‘one of those’ people  – constantly crafting or going from exciting adventure to another. Whilst I like to think that I do a lot with my kids, there are an awful lot of days that are… View Post

Back in 2009, I embarked upon a ‘365’ challenge in which I took one photograph every day for a year. I started the year out with a simple bridge camera and ended up with a DSLR. I learnt an awful lot about discipline, acquired plenty of new skills and best all, made some wonderful friends. Edinburgh had some awesome meet-up groups back then, with loads of people willing to teach and share their techniques. I found that it’s easy to learn one skill – and to keep doing that one thing very well can be tempting – but to really… View Post

I was so impressed with Thomas’ present from my sister-in-law, Claire, that I just had to share. Thus the topic of today’s post is Thomas’ new baby sensory toys! After seeing the array of toys at a friend’s house I had been feeling vaguely guilty that I didn’t actually have any toys for Thomas. Whilst he’s still only five months, he is getting more interested in objects around him and is keen to shove those things into his mouth to chew on – with the arrival of two teeth this activity seems to be his most frequent pass time in fact!… View Post

New Year’s Eve is always one of those evening that seem like they’ll be epic. It’s a great excuse for a party and brings in a new year and a new beginning. The last time I actually went OUT for New Years did actually live up to those expectations in a lot of ways. I found a great pub with my lovely friend Joy on South Bank in London. We had great seats, met some wonderful people and had an awesome view of the fireworks. The only problem is that one of my abiding memory is a bunch of louts throwing… View Post

Like many others the world over the end of the year brings a natural time of reflection – What has the last year brought? What do we want from the year ahead? Much of my 2015 has blurred into endless months of work and exhaustion – obviously completely surpassed by the joy that Thomas has brought into our lives. I hope that when I think back to the time in years to come, my abiding memories won’t be relating to anything other than my family and specifically, the kids. Whilst they may be noisy, excitable, at times uncontrollable – I’m… View Post