Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve! Hope you’re all prepared for the big day tomorrow and can find some time to relax! We wanted to say thank you so much, truly, for reading Edinburgh with Kids. It means a lot that you take the time to come here. This week we’re spending time with our families and enjoying our various traditions.

Some of the wonderful people who have contributed to Edinburgh with Kids this year have shared their favourite things to read over Christmas with you – in case you’re looking for inspiration…

“The tradition we had when we were children was to read another bit of the nativity story each morning in the lead up to Christmas! Basically like a book advent of the bible (but we obvs still got chocolate too!). I just remember sitting around the kitchen table eating brekkie and reading the next page or two of the story which was a really nice thing to do.” – Alison aka fabulous illustrator

“Our Christmas story books are packed away each year with all the Christmas decorations so they always feel new when they get unpacked again the following year. We have the usuals like The Night Before Christmas and Stick Man. I was a huge Mr Men fan when I was younger and we have the ‘Mr Men The Night Before Christmas’. My oldest has a birthday in December and until that is out the way I don’t feel I can start thinking about Christmas, so I empathise with Miss Late in this story. I’ve kept Dear Santa by Rod Campbell , although it’s a flap book for younger children, the boys still love it. We’re lucky to have a dog, two cats and some hens as Santa wraps up a cat as a gift in the final page -when the boys were younger I was able to say to the boys we can’t fit any more pets in to avoid any last minute requests for pets on their Christmas lists! My older two boys read their own books in bed now however they do often come and snuggle in me and my youngest (and the cats who love storytime) to have a story together, this will happen a lot more over the festive holiday time.” – Caroline aka Yoga Crow

“We love bringing out the Christmas story books in our house. I keep them packed away with the decorations, so it’s always a nice surprise when they reappear each year. My children really enjoy listening to the ‘Stickman’ by Julia Donaldson and ‘Father Christmas needs a wee’ by Nicholas Allan but my favourite has to be ‘The Snowman’ by Raymond Briggs. As a child I have very fond memories of watching this on TV on Christmas day. The music in the animation is so timeless and the soft, dreamlike illustrations in the book take you into another world. I remember curling up reading this book with my Dad and enjoying being the narrator as we had the ‘wordless’ edition. I’m delighted my 3 children enjoy it nearly as much as I do. We can’t resist singing, ‘walking in the air’ on the page where the boy and snowman soar through the sky!…. And I have to admit after years of reading this story there’s often a tear in my eye in that last scene. A true Christmas classic.” – Coo aka EWK Children’s author of the year

Finally, my own favourite is ‘The Night Before Christmas’ by Clement Clarke Moore. My Mum has a copy that was given to her Dad (my Grandpa) for Christmas in 1922 by his Dad. Mum used to read it to us each Christmas Eve (I was going to say as children but in truth, she still does!) – and I now have a copy to read my own children that my Mum gave me. The book has other Christmas stories in it but we always just read the poem by Moore. The book smells just like a book should and I imagine will be treasured for many generations yet to come!


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