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Whilst I haven’t abandoned my 2016 reading challenge, March was not a good month. I was contacted by two friends with book recommendations which could not have been more different. I downloaded both with the intention of reading them in order to write this amazing review about contrasting books… but haven’t read either of them.

I’ve not lacked the time to read recently, but have definitely lacked the brain capacity. Both Katie and Thomas have been ill, I was on antibiotics for ten days that make me feel like I was viewing the world through a haze, and life has just seemed like chaos. I hope that things are finally settling down and I’ll get some reading done but what I have actually done in the last month, is watch a lot of TV.

It may not be as admirable as book recommendations but I thought I’d share a few of the things I’ve been watching as some of them are REALLY good – some are more guilty pleasures!

Thirteen – BBC iPlayer

Thirteen: Edinburgh with Kids TV recommendations

After thirteen years held captive by her kidnapper, Ivy Moxam escapes. Piecing back together the version of family life that existed before is no easy task.

At first glance, I thought this was going to be another one of those comedies where a kidnap victim is released to make all these mistakes in the great outdoors. I thought I had seen it all before and it would be easy watching.

Needless to say, my expectations were shattered and I was utterly compelled. At times, this was not easy viewing but over the five episodes I was taken through a whole rollercoaster of emotion. I can’t go into details about the show without giving away spoilers, but the basic premise is seeing how Ivy adjusts to life without her kidnapper and struggles to pick up previous relationships with her family and friends.

I’m glad I had to wait for each episode to be aired because I had time to process each episode – but I have to say, if you’ve got time to binge – you’d be in for a treat.

The £100K House: Tricks of the Trade – BBC iPlayer

The £100K House: Edinburgh with Kids TV recommendations

Knowing of my plans to paint my hallway dark grey, my fabulous neighbour recommended this show to me as there is an episode in which a house utilising dark colours is explored. Funnily enough, I was immediately sucked into the show and have watched every episode available.

The premise of the show is fairly simple, homeowners are helped with their ambitious building projects by one of the architects employed by the show. The homeowners typically have a low budget, but are taken to much more expensive houses for inspiration before being shown how to achieve similar effects on their budget.

I really enjoy the show but there are few things that get on my nerves:

The main presenter annoys me a little because he talks with his hands a lot and has a weird way of talking that I personally find irksome. But I’ve been really impressed with some of the other architects drafted in to help on each episode.

The additional problem with this show is that I get too many ideas. In one episode the guest architect suggested painting the kitchen ceiling in a colour and the walls white and then the adjoining room conventionally. The lay out is very similar to my own kitchen and living room (except with lower ceilings) – so of course, I’m itching to order a repaint!

But the thing that really infuriates me is that the people often ignore the advice that the architects give and do some awful things. They go way over budget or create really ugly layouts. I really like seeing interesting, well designed houses that inspire me – in the last episode I watched, I listened to the incredible ideas that the architect had, the advice he gave (and his explanation of why these things were important) but didn’t get to see any of these things come to fruition. The homeowners basically ignored all the advice and ended up with an unfinished monstrosity. I had no idea why they were on the show if they weren’t looking to change their initial ideas at all.

Aside from those things, I do really like the show and have been looking out for the next episode for what feels like weeks already! I’m not sure if it’s a really short series or something but if anyone knows – let me know!

Love – Netflix

Love: Edinburgh with Kids TV recommendations

Love is a 10-episode romantic comedy of sorts, that explores the developing relationship between the two main characters Gus (played by Paul Rust) and Mickey (Gillian Jacobs). At first the two characters seem slightly at odds with each other – they seem like two very different personalities, with hugely varying lifestyles, opinions, attitudes… basically opposites.

However, despite the title, the pace of the show certainly is not rushing the two towards love. There’s a lot of hilarious detours and then, tedious explorations of angst – largely from the mega geek male character, Gus.

As the episodes go on, and you learn more about the two lead roles, things aren’t quite as they seem and certainly, for me, they become more endearing.

This was a really easy show to binge on and I would highly recommend it.

Tattoo fixers – All 4

Tattoo fixers: Edinburgh with Kids TV recommendations

Finally, this is my guilty pleasure. I first discovered this show shortly after Thomas was born, and was beyond excited that the second series is now out.

The premise of this show is simple – people go in with hideous tattoos that need covering up, the tattoo artists come up with decent designs (usually WAY bigger that the initial tattoo), and then you see them doing the new tattoo and the finished result.

I enjoy this show for a number of reasons. Firstly, although there are heaps of people who have just got something stupid tattooed on them in Magaluf, the show never fails to shock or surprise each week. My personal all time favourite has to be the lass who had ‘Where’s Wally’ hiding on her bum!

I hope I’m not being too judgemental, but it does make me happy that I resisted all those times I wanted to get a tattoo in my late teens! Although the small gecko I wanted to get on my foot wouldn’t be the end of the world – seeing people so full of regret, with tattoos that had not gone to plan, makes me feel better about my decision.

That said, as the show has gone on and I’ve seen some incredible tattoos done… I have become a little bit tempted. Some of them look so COOL! But I think I’m probably still in the school of thought, that one day I will be old – and who wants to see a wrinkly tattoo?

But what do you think? Have you got a tattoo and are you still happy with it? Or would you be tempted to get one?


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