Style: What I’m wearing for NYE

Style: What I’m wearing for NYE

New Year’s Eve is always one of those evening that seem like they’ll be epic. It’s a great excuse for a party and brings in a new year and a new beginning.

The last time I actually went OUT for New Years did actually live up to those expectations in a lot of ways. I found a great pub with my lovely friend Joy on South Bank in London. We had great seats, met some wonderful people and had an awesome view of the fireworks. The only problem is that one of my abiding memory is a bunch of louts throwing glass bottles off the bridge at the crowd below. I remember being absolutely incensed at the behaviour and my determination to catch them. I have no idea what I would’ve done if I had but the annoyance sticks in my mind nonetheless!

Another favourite NYE was spent with my best bud Lissy – we were about 16 and had somehow secured a bottle of homemade sloe-berry wine. It ended up with us wearing Harley Davidson t-shirts (possibly my Dad’s?), wellies and straw hats, dancing round the garden with hockey sticks – now that’s style! Haha. Soundly utterly random 15 years on – but it was happy and certainly memorable. Obviously, it was before I ever suffered from hangovers!

With the arrival of children, NYE is naturally more sedate. Last year for example we had a wonderful time at my friends Megan and Dave’s house. Megan cooked an amazing pork roast and we whiled away the evening with a group of small friends. The kids made it to about 11 before crashing on the way home. Whilst we didn’t see the Edinburgh fireworks (which are always spectacular), it was nice to spend time with friends and of course – avoid any crowds!

This year we’re lucky to have my brother, sister-in-law and new nephew visiting. With Thomas and Joseph having the combined age of 33 weeks – I am not expecting it to be a big party. But that’s not to say I can’t dress in something smarter than my joggers:


Jigsaw always do these vest tops in various colours which provide a pretty base layer. I always feel a bit more ‘together’ when wearing mine because I think it’s pretty hard to feel casual in anything lace! I’ll opt for my usual skinny jeans and then baggier top layer, firstly because it allows for easy access for feeding Thomas but also, just because it’s comfortable. By adding accessories – particularly anything that sparkles, it’ll be different from my daily norm. I have a bunch of charm bracelets that I adore, but they so often catch on things I’ve been leaving them off when chasing about after the kids! Heels would be OTT for staying at home, in my opinion, although if you’ve got shoes that you adore then who cares! I like these patent flats that I’ve had forever – a bit smart but still comfortable.

There you have my baby friendly, casual but not slummy outfit for Hogmanay 2015! I hope you all have a great evening and a superb New Year when it arrives.


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