Food: Could I eat here daily?

Food: Could I eat here daily?

As you may have seen from my Facebook page, we enjoyed a fantastic meal at Cafe Renroc this past week.

Some friends were visiting Edinburgh so we had arranged to meet up for lunch before their train home. Parking is often difficult in town but we needed somewhere close by to Waverley that would be child-friendly too!

I had seen Cafe Renroc on Swarm before – an app that allows you to search for venues in a particular area – and had been meaning to check it out and I’m so glad that we did.

I rang the day before to book a table as there would be five of us – this wasn’t a problem and I was assured over the phone that children were welcome. I had glanced at the menu in advance and thought it looked suitable so was looking forward to the lunch hoping that my friends would like it!

Upon arriving there were already menus at the table which we of course ignored in the flurry of catching up and introducing the new baby. The waiting staff were more than happy to give us more time so we really didn’t feel under pressure. That was a good thing as it was hard to choose from the menu as there was so much that looked appetising!

Eventually we ordered nachos with salsa, sour cream, guacamole and melting cheese with added chicken; an amazing sharing deli board piled with bread, olives, pastrami, parma ham, brie, smoked cheddar, chorizo and smoked fish and then soup with a generously sized bread roll. There was also a fab kid’s menu so chose sausages, mash and beans.

IMG_0033The menu had specified that the deli board was meant to have hand-baked quiche. However, I actually failed to notice this as it had been replaced with the chorizo and smoked fish which I was attacking with gusto!

Katie finished her sausages and a fair amount of her mash before stealing her Dad’s nachos (which I think was actually meant to be a sharing dish!). I think that this is a good sign that the food was good quality and appealing to kids.

From the outside Cafe Renrec looked quite small but we were shown downstairs to a large table that we could easily fit round. A few weeks ago I had tried a new place out with my Mum and had a bit of disaster, as the table was so small that my plate was hanging off the edge and I accidentally knocked it on the floor! Aside from finding it a bit embarrassing, Katie was absolutely distraught that my breakfast was ruined. So much so I actually had to take her into the street howling. She calmed down after realising that I could get another one (or share hers!) but I now make a point of looking at table size!

The decor was pretty cool, there was a full bread oven in the corner and the furniture was a good mismatch of natural woods. A fair amount of light flooded down the spiral stairs so I didn’t find it dark or gloomy despite being in a basement.

I had baby Thomas in a sling so it wasn’t a hassle getting down the stairs but you’d probably want to stay upstairs if you needed to bring a buggy. Another positive thing to note is that toilets and baby change were clean and accessible enough for Katie to follow every time we needed to change Thomas: I’m not entirely sure why she wanted to do this!

Despite having a fab kids menu, I did note that there wasn’t an activity for children provided. We carry a stash of crayons in our cavernous change bag and our friends were also very good at helping to keep Katie entertained – she sat at the table for almost two hours so evidently was quite happy with this arrangement. To be fair, I therefore didn’t think to ask if they have anything but it would’ve been nice if it had been readily offered.

Overall, I can’t wait to go back and try one of the breakfasts they offer as brunch is by far my favourite meal. I have other friends who live really quite close and think it would be perfect for a lazy Sunday morning!


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