​The latest addition to Bruntsfield’s swathe of eatery choices is Black Ivy. Formerly known as The Links Hotel, Billy Lowe has transformed the neighbourhood bar and hotel into a pocket of glamour for guests and local residents. I popped in and had a nose around and I was pleasantly suprised. For those that knew The Links Bar and Hotel, you won’t recognise the new venue. There are two bars, a ping pong table room, vintage chandeliers, beautiful large fire places and most importantly, comfy seats. It’s got a cosy feel without feeling too decadent. I loved the beer tanks, beautiful… View Post

If you are local to Edinburgh and have’t heard of the ‘Edinburgh for Under Fives’ guidebook then you officially deprived. My Mum bought my first copy shortly after Katie was born and it quickly became apparent why it is much loved by so many parents. If you’re wandering in the darkness then you need to know that Edinburgh for Under Fives is the essential guidebook for parents and carers of young children living in and around Edinburgh. With over 1000 reviews and listings of family friendly places to go, places to eat, indoor and outdoor activities, classes, playgroups, events and… View Post

Christmas has now well and truly come to Edinburgh. Santa has been sighted, it’s brutally cold and sleigh bells can be heard. But I’m going all out this year and want to ignite all the senses – so taste and smells are also important. Rather than having a never ending stash of scented candles this year I’ve turned to a bit of cooking. To fill your home with the most amazing smell try simmering combinations of natural aromatics like cranberries, cinnamon stick, pine, orange peel, nutmeg or cloves. You just need to add the ingredients to a couple of cups of water, bring… View Post

In the world of yoga and yoga philosophy there are the Yamas and Niyamas found in the Yoga Sutras. For a yoga practitioner these come before the asana and are ethical, moral, social guidelines on the way you live. Although the Yoga Sutras were written between the second century BCE and the fifth century CE, they are still astoundingly relevant today particular in todays world. The first of the Yamas is Ahimsa and translates as non-violence. This means treating yourself and all living things with compassion and kindness. On a practical level this may be not gossiping about others, only… View Post

Have you started decorating your home for Christmas yet? We’re just getting started, and are loving discovering all of our old decorations again. However, getting the tree decorated is just one aspect of getting the house Christmas ready, so today, I’m delighted to share a post from wonderful (Edinburgh based), freelance interior designer – Connie Be… For me, Christmas can’t come soon enough or last long enough. I love it and the best part (or one of them, there are so many to choose from!), is decorating the house. I grew up in a house that was transformed, every Christmas, into a… View Post