As you should be able to tell from my last post about Edinburgh Parkrun, I enjoy running! I can’t pretend that I have ever been particularly fast or have won many prizes, but I found it a great way to keep fit and meet up with friends. I’m very lucky that aside from the renowned marathon festival, there are events throughout the year in Edinburgh of a variety of length which helped to keep me motivated. However, after having Thomas I’ve been very unsure exactly where to start in terms of getting back into fitness. With Katie, I began by just… View Post

As Autumn leaves began to fall in abundance in Edinburgh, I was keen to try lamb and date tagine from my ‘Contented Calf’ cookbook. Unfortunately, I wasn’t specific enough on the shopping list and Mike brought home a whole lamb leg instead of lamb leg steak! However, I figured that I could still create a lactogenic friendly meal by using similar seasoning. So I decided to mix up a marinade of fresh coriander, cumin, cinnamon, chilli flakes, turmeric, fresh ginger and crushed garlic before adding in a good slug of olive oil. I covered the meat in the mixture, leaving… View Post

Art class @artroom32 has been such a life saver in the last few weeks. Before Thomas was born I imagined I would entertain Katie in much the same way I always had: I went to the Botanics. Thomas screamed all the way round hating his pram and Katie kept trying to run away when I wanted to feed him. The play park. Try pushing a swing whilst feeding a baby. This one actually wasn’t so bad as Katie is happy to play while I sit on the bench but isn’t great in poor weather. And swimming? I had the sense… View Post

As a busy Mum I very much like the idea of having a functional wardrobe. It needs to be comfortable to wear, withstand a fair degree of baby/toddler goo and be practical enough for me to have a shot on Ben’s skateboard! It’s no surprise to me that the ‘Mum uniform’ is often considered to be a Breton top, skinny jeans and a pair of Converse, perhaps with a scarf thrown in to mix things up. In Edinburgh over the summer I would say that Converse are replaced with Toms, but the pattern generally remains. I have several variations of… View Post

The Contented Calf cookbook came to me recommended by my friend Megan. I was really lucky after Katie was born to meet a fantastic group of Mums who were also all breastfeeding. Even so, I still worried a lot. Katie was a very ‘pukey’ baby suffering badly from reflux. I was constantly fretting that she wasn’t getting enough milk and that my supply wasn’t good enough. So this time round I knew that I wanted to try and feed Thomas but was concerned that I would find myself in the same situation. Fortunately I had a really good midwife who… View Post