I find it extraordinarily hard to find decent toddler girls swimwear. By decent I really mean swimwear that is actually most suited to,  you know… swimming. I cannot fathom why everywhere you look there are bikini tops, frills or spaghetti strap halter-necks. I’m assuming some people must think this is cute? However, it strikes me that it certainly isn’t what I would look for in swimwear for me and I can’t imagine it’s comfortable for a child to swim in either. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I own a few bikinis but really for sunbathing. At no point, have I… View Post

I’ve always enjoyed making gingerbread biscuits from an old family recipe. I asked my Mum to send me the instructions which I dutifully followed in the way I have always done. But after chatting to Mum about the ingredients I was using, it turns out I’ve always done it wrong! The recipe calls for molasses which I thought meant the dark sugar but was apparently meant to be syrup. I think they’re still pretty tasty and have always turned out all right, so here’s my method for gingerbread biscuits:

I don’t know about other new build properties, but in my mind, the bathrooms in my house are a disaster. They offer zero storage space and didn’t even come with anywhere to hang towels! With toiletries for a family of five a lot of stuff gets piled up and looks increasingly messy. Whilst mess obviously isn’t the end of the world, it does make cleaning surfaces rather burdensome. Especially when dust starts to gather. More importantly, I want a place that I can also chill out when the kids are in bed (love a good bubble bath!) – and this means I shouldn’t… View Post

At the beginning of November, I wrote a post explaining that it was my aim to spend less this month. In fact, it was my aim to spend nothing beyond essential items – such as groceries, bills etc. in an effort to try  not only save money but also reflect on where it was actually going. To some extent I have been successful in my endeavour, I’ve definitely thought more carefully about what I’ve been buying along with where I shop. Although I have definitely failed in that I’ve bought Thomas new clothes in bigger sizes and have taken Katie to… View Post

Today has not been the most successful – the washing machine broke, the clip on the baby sling shattered, the lock on the front door bust and if the wet weather continues for much longer, I think I’m going to start building an ark! With all of that and sniffles aplenty in our house, comfort food was definitely called for. Sadly, we ate all the chocolate brownies from last week and something a little more wholesome was needed. Thanks to the Leith food market, we had a gorgeous cabbage in the fridge and for some reason we had built up stocks… View Post