Plato lived in Athens from around 428-348BC. As one of the most influential philosophers in Western History, it can be argued that he lay the very foundations of science, philosophy and mathematics. One of the first things we talk about in Philosophy, is how we gain knowledge – namely through our senses. However, Plato’s point was that whilst we ‘learn’ through these experiences, we are forever trapped in our personal interpretation. There’s a very famous story – ‘Plato’s Cave’ – in which he described a group of people living under the earth in a cave. The people have been trapped… View Post

Have you started wrapping your Christmas presents yet? If you’re anything like me, the answer will be no but it will be on a very long to-do list! I generally follow the same formula each year; opting to shun the garish shiny paper and attempting to find some style by using that well known combo of brown paper, twine, luggage tag and twig (stolen from the Christmas tree). I think in the back of my head, I’ve always felt better using recycled paper amongst all the excess packaging of Christmas. My family traditionally would use gift bags each year, and would just use… View Post

Last weekend, the family and I headed to The Centre in Livingston to progress our Christmas shopping a little. I take the attitude that less is more when it comes to shopping, and like to choose gifts gradually. So this was a great opportunity to take the kids along and get them involved too. The Centre has a great array of shops so it’s a good place to go if you have a varied list of things to buy. Whilst I love supporting independent businesses when I can, Katie was due a visit to build-a-bear after reaching two weeks of… View Post

If you’re in search of a show for all the family this year – then you’re in luck – Shrek the Musical has well and truly landed at the Edinburgh Playhouse. With humour, romance, and tap dancing – it really has all the boxes ticked. We were lucky to be invited to the premiere on Thursday, so as a one off ‘school night’ treat, Charlotte and I headed along with our five year-olds, Katie and Finlay. Whilst I’m personally very familiar with the film, it’s not actually one the kids had watched many times so it was great to see how they… View Post

​The latest addition to Bruntsfield’s swathe of eatery choices is Black Ivy. Formerly known as The Links Hotel, Billy Lowe has transformed the neighbourhood bar and hotel into a pocket of glamour for guests and local residents. I popped in and had a nose around and I was pleasantly suprised. For those that knew The Links Bar and Hotel, you won’t recognise the new venue. There are two bars, a ping pong table room, vintage chandeliers, beautiful large fire places and most importantly, comfy seats. It’s got a cosy feel without feeling too decadent. I loved the beer tanks, beautiful… View Post