Living with an artist basically means it’s impossible for me to escape art. Aside from covering the walls of our house, it’s part of our daily conversations. What new ideas are forming, how are certain pieces of work progressing, what do we make of such and such… you get the idea. Naturally, therefore a common pastime for us is perusing the many small galleries that Edinburgh has to offer. We can be utterly scathing of some – but there’s no denying that there are some absolute gems just on our doorstep.

Last week one of my favourite shops, Tickle Tots, posted a blog post about ‘Getting through the Night Shift.’ At the end of the article, they asked if people had any tips to add. We’ve recently been using their Tickle Tots 2 nappy at night time so I thought I would pen a response. Thomas slept through the night when he was about two and half months. The problem is – it only happened once. I kept a positive outlook and get repeating ‘he can do it, it will happen.’ Except it didn’t. The months went by and October came… View Post

Every time Summer arrives I think to myself isn’t life wonderful: life is a whirlwind of picnics, visits to the park or beach, and lots of time is spent chasing the kids on their scooters. I always promise myself that things won’t change in Winter: we’ll just bundle up warm and all the kids will play out. A bit of ice won’t stop us! Obviously, my promise has been broken. As the temperate is hovering around 5 degrees – we are happily snug at home with bikes left neglected in the garage. Edinburgh ‘outside’ over Christmas is pretty fabulous – the… View Post

Kickstarting a running regime can be hard. I always imagine myself pounding along with not a care in the world. In reality I’m a bit of a sweaty mess struggling to breathe. At one point in time, I really did think that I just couldn’t run. It seemed much easier for everyone else and I just resigned myself to swimming. That was obviously the wrong mindset as I’ve since completed two half marathons. The realisation was that I wasn’t going to be running anywhere quickly and just needed to take things at my own pace. I did however find a number… View Post