We’ll talk about my love for Pinterest tomorrow but to an extent – I think it needs to step aside when it comes to interior design. It used to be my go-to place to ‘pinspiration’ and I would happily create mood boards for rooms until the cows came home. But all too often, I was seeing the same thing again and again. All too often, that pretty image didn’t actually lead to a site with relevant details. It promised pumpkin spiced latte and produced lukewarm herbal tea. However, my mood boards are back to life thanks to Instagram and the… View Post

Swimming is one of those things that I think is just easier if you nail it early. If you grow up as something as habit then it’s just something you’re used to rather than it being a big deal. Like my kids are pretty scared of animals, but that’s really because we’re so rarely around them. They’re like this big, unpredictable unknown. For many kids, I imagine water must be like that. Swimming pools tend to be very big and loud places. If you’re not used to visiting then it must be really daunting. But with life being as hectic… View Post

I obviously spend a lot of time on social media. It’s kind of my job as a blogger – but that’s not to say that it can’t be soul destroying at times. The ever changing algorithms of Instagram, the rumour that Facebook will be abolishing pages and we now all need groups, the utter bewilderment caused by Pinterest planning – whilst it’s undoubtedly key to successful blogging, I can’t honest say it causes much happiness. I am therefore slightly cautious to share this guest post with you. Whilst I adore Megan’s take on Social Media, and can honestly see the benefit… View Post

I’ll be perfectly honest, I often end up doing the same activities in Edinburgh on repeat. We basically rotate between the Botanics, Soft Play and the National Museum. But when the weather is good and I’m prepared to brave the walk up the hill – Edinburgh Zoo is an absolute winner. Today, I bring you 5 simple tips for enjoying a day out at Edinburgh Zoo… 1. For me, any good day out needs to involve coffee. Yes, I’m addicted to caffeine but feeding the habit is far more enjoyable than weaning myself off it. The best coffee place, is by… View Post

The beginning of October marked two years since I started Edinburgh with kids. Although I had a slight hiatus in the first year, I’m proud that I’ve not quit and continue to really enjoy writing. Blogging feels so narcissistic at times – I sometimes feel really arrogant to suppose that people really would want to read my views on the world. But at the same time, I feel tremendously thankful that people do and that I have that motivation to keep writing. With that in mind, I thought I’d share 10 things I’ve learnt in the last two years… 1. To… View Post