There is no denying that dark evenings are closing in fast and with that, motivation for outside exercise is waning. The idea of going for a run in the cold and dark just doesn’t appeal. You may be one of those people who can run about with a head torch, but you know… just no. It’s time to embrace staying in doors and just appreciating the wealth of inspiration you can find on the internet. Whether your thing is yoga and meditation, or HITT workouts to burn the pounds in as short as time as possible. It’s great that there… View Post

Swimming is one of those things that I think is just easier if you nail it early. If you grow up as something as habit then it’s just something you’re used to rather than it being a big deal. Like my kids are pretty scared of animals, but that’s really because we’re so rarely around them. They’re like this big, unpredictable unknown. For many kids, I imagine water must be like that. Swimming pools tend to be very big and loud places. If you’re not used to visiting then it must be really daunting. But with life being as hectic… View Post

It should come as no surprise that many sports notice a significant drop out or withdrawal of female participants in their teenage years. Multiple reasons have been given for this including time commitment and poor coaching, all the way to the embarrassment of having a red and sweaty face. It seems to me that now more than ever, parents need to step up and be role models in exercise. Studies have shown that ‘parental exercising significantly predicts adolescents‘ engagement in sport.’ With daughter’s participation being directly related to BOTH parents. So whether you prefer to relax at a Pilates class, dance… View Post

Committing to a training schedule is difficult at the best of times. It’s made trickier still by working full-time and not to mention, having kids! Even the best-made intentions can be thrown by the simplest of events – unscheduled meetings, a bad day at school, or an unexpected playdate… the list is just endless. Which is where the joy of having a fitness buddy comes in:

For the last seven months, I’ve been sending a fortnightly email with all the ‘must-attend’ kids events in Edinburgh. But honestly? Edinburgh is just so much more than that. Whilst there’s no doubt a wealth of amazing things to attend (and I won’t be ignoring those things!) it’s time to highlight MORE. Just more.