Back in October, we were lucky enough to be invited by The Tartan Blanket Company to join in with a beginners crash course in weaving. Hosted by Sarah from The Squid Ink Company, this promised to be a lovely way to spend two hours on a Sunday so as the most creative one in the team, our illustrator – Alison Soye – headed along! Read on for beautiful Scottish inspired products and to learn more about the beautiful Eagle and Fox HQ… The Squid Ink Co is actually based in Shawlands, Glasgow but run weaving workshops all round the UK. It has run… View Post

I am not one of those people who loves isolation. Whilst I really enjoy my own company and would happily go to the cinema or eat out alone – it’s nice to have people around you. I’m of the opinion that we don’t truly thrive as humans in isolation. As John Donne wrote, centuries ago: “No man is an Island, entire of it self; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main.” I think this is particularly true in Edinburgh. Whilst the rest of the world may have six degrees of separation – I would… View Post

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I took part in Little Paper Swan’s #autumnhashtagchallenge. I really liked having a bit more of a direction to follow with my photos, and it was equally lovely to see how other people interpreted the theme. As a new hashtag – with people taking part each day – it also meant that I could find the same people each day. I find that Instagram can move so fast sometimes, so although I comment on people’s images and like – it’s usually only the ones at the top of my feed.… View Post

Like everyone else who likes pretty pictures and design, I can spend a LOT of time on Pinterest. Any time I’m planning decorating a new room, or have a new project in mind – Pinterest is my go to place. For everything from home design to potential haircuts, I just find it so inspiring and can easily lose a few hours pinning images. I thought I’d share a few of my favourite… Still in love with dungarees. This Halloween nail design. Low budget bathroom updates. Cute toddler hair cuts. You can find me on Pinterest, if you’d like to follow… View Post

We’ll talk about my love for Pinterest tomorrow but to an extent – I think it needs to step aside when it comes to interior design. It used to be my go-to place to ‘pinspiration’ and I would happily create mood boards for rooms until the cows came home. But all too often, I was seeing the same thing again and again. All too often, that pretty image didn’t actually lead to a site with relevant details. It promised pumpkin spiced latte and produced lukewarm herbal tea. However, my mood boards are back to life thanks to Instagram and the… View Post