How many of your 2016 revolutions did you keep? I find that we always start the year with a sense of the new. You start thinking about what you want to achieve. But how many people take the time to reflect on last year’s resolutions? The year that’s been. I like to look back before I look forward so I don’t end up making the same mistakes. In 2016 I was admittedly late to the game, but I made five resolutions.

Last March, I wrote about my intentions for re-vamping our hallway. Over the years we had completely neglected it as a space, and it had slowly filled with clutter. I wanted to have a space that was more welcoming and give a better first impression for guests. As a room that visitors are guaranteed to see, it made sense that is should get some attention. It’s actually been ‘re-vamped’ for several months now. I would love to say that was under our own steam but I finally caved and hired a decorator. N.B. Any Edinburgh people looking for a painter… View Post

When I was pregnant with my son, for some reason I was utterly convinced I was having a girl. I had in my head that the ‘new’ baby would wear all of my daughter’s old clothes and I would get to relive all of her beautiful outfits. When the sonographer told us we were having a son – I was actually a bit shocked. Even though we had a boy already, it took me sometime to adjust to the idea. I honestly spent time walking round the shops glaring at all the ‘boring’ boys clothes and gazing sadly at some of… View Post

Christmas is undoubtedly an incredibly exciting for children. It’s hard not to get completely absorbed in the festivities with them, but I definitely enjoy some aspects more than others. Jingle Bells on repeat? Not so much. A steam train with Santa? Yes!

Back in September, I was having coffee with a good friend of mine bemoaning the amount of ‘baby’ weight I was still carrying. I was about 20lbs heavier than I wanted to be and knew it was time to act. Together we agreed that we would aim to lose 14lbs in 10 weeks. I wrote my starting weight in my diary (11.05st) and worked out an end date. The only problem was that I did not have a clear plan of how to get there. Doubts started to creep in. I jotted down the mantra ‘strive for progress not perfection’. In… View Post