The ‘Ultimate School Trip’ with Jet2Holidays

The ‘Ultimate School Trip’ with Jet2Holidays

Last week I asked the kids in my class who they thought should lead the country and the answers were varied to say the least. We had Shrek, Donkey, Kanye West, some vlogger I had never heard of… and one boy who thoughtfully considered the Lib Dems could be a good option. They would also quite like to be on holiday already – but only if they can take their friends with them or if I could host a party for them each day!

Whilst the kids may be residing in dream land, Jet2holidays have launched a competition to make some of those dreams come true. From today, schools across the UK have a chance to win a place for an entire class of 9-13 year olds on the ‘Ultimate School trip’ with Jet2holidays!

In total, 9 classes and their teachers will spend a long weekend (20th April-22nd April 2018) at Sol Katmandu Park and Resort in Majorca. Aside from being able to attend a whole host of educational workshops on science, history, drama and crafts – they will be hosted by none other than TV presenters, Dick and Dom!

Photo credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

As well as being an unforgettable educational trip, winning classes get a VIP send off at the airport, a welcome dinner with celebrities and an epic school disco and show to top it all off.

Over the last few weeks, Dick and Dom have been on a road trip around the country with Jet2holidays launching the competition in different areas. Each of those areas being key factors in the competition…

Jet2holidays have nine regional bases across the UK – each with it’s own airport. Luckily for us, Edinburgh is one of those regions – so a school from Edinburgh will be in with a chance of winning the Ultimate School Trip!

How do schools enter?

To enter, pupils are challenged to put their imaginations to the test and produce their own promotional piece for Sol Katmandu Park and Resort. It could be a poster, poem, song or video – the sky really is the limit.

The judges, including Dick and Dom, will create a shortlist of five schools in each of the Jet2holidays’ regions. It’s then a case of the parents (and wider public) getting involved because it then goes to the public vote with the final nine being announced on Tuesday 13th March 2018.

What’s really cool is that all 45 shortlisted schools will still receive £1000 worth of school equipment vouchers – which I know would really help out some of our local schools.

More details and instructions for how to enter can be found here: But heads up that entries must be submitted by Wednesday 28th February 2018.

Need inspiration?

Why enter?

The chance to win a trip abroad is great, but the chance to continue learning outside of the classroom is just amazing. I feel you have to acknowledge that classroom learning doesn’t suit everyone. We expect our kids to do such a lot each day – I’m not sure many adults could honestly focus for 6-7 hours a day in the way our kids do. The opportunity to change that context for some kids is simply invaluable.

Photo credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

School shouldn’t be a struggle – I really wish every child could look forward to spending time with their friends each day. They have the capacity to learn so much, ask questions and to take risks – why wouldn’t we want to encourage more of this?! The chance to win a place on the Jet2Holidays’ Ultimate School Trip really is a superb opportunity.

I know how creative the children I teach can be and I can’t wait to see all the entries. I hope to promote some of them over the coming months – and will definitely be encouraging you all to vote for your regional favourites!

P.S. All photo credit goes to Tim Ireland/PA Wire – also many thanks to Jet2Holidays’ for their support of Edinburgh with Kids



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    What an awesome opportunity for those lucky winners!! Fab that they’re giving additional prizes as well!

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