Food: Meet Mrs Pantry

Food: Meet Mrs Pantry
One of my favourite places to eat and hang out in Edinburgh, is unsurprising The Pantry. Owned by my neighbours (and good friends), Chris and Charlotte – it’s a natural place for us to gravitate with kids. The play areas keep the kids happy and the presence of wine/coffee/copious amount of avocado keep me delighted!
Charlotte has been helping me out on the blog for a while – from advising how best to decorate cakes – all the way to telling me where to shop! You may have noticed her Instagram takeover back in September as well, when she got to hang out with Andrea McLean (from Loose Women!) at the Edinburgh New Town Cookery School for us.
I’m hoping to share a lot more from her in the coming months so thought I’d take a chance to share a bit more about her:
What’s your backstory?
I’m Charlotte, Edinburgh born and bred. Married to my husband Chris for 8 years and mum to Finlay (5) and Ted (4). I’ve always worked in the food industry from bartending my way through Uni to specialty food companies to event companies to where I am now, the co-owner of The Pantry. We opened The Pantry Stockbridge when Finlay was 7 months old and we haven’t looked back since. We started our event catering company 18 months ago and opened The Pantry Colinton in April 2017.  When people ask what I do in my spare time, I never know what to say…Kids, Work and Family and Friends is what I do in my spare time. Those things are my life and I’m pretty happy with my lot!
Favourite place to hang out with Finlay and Ted?
My mums house in Stenton, East Lothian. The boys are SUCH city boys so it’s great to see them get mucky in the mud, soggy in the sea and breathe in some fresh (if a little piggy smelling!) country air. They love being there. My mum loves entertaining so even a wee Sunday afternoon trip will have a beautifully prepared meal or some sort of fun activity for the boys. Oh, and I quite often get to sit in a comfy arm chair near the Raeburn drinking tea. Win.
Best place to shop?
For me – I like Rosy Penguin in Morningside, Hush, French Connection and Whistles. I am a huge fan of a navy top!!
Perfect breakfast?
This is a tough one for me without admitting a secret…. I don’t drink coffee and I don’t like eggs! My ultimate breakfast would be toasted bros bagel’s bagel with welch of newhaven hot smoked salmon, cream cheese, lemon and chilli sauce. Oh, and avocado of course!
Dream holiday?
My two love the sea; sea animals, boats, the beach. So our dream family holiday would be seeing some amazing sea animals. We took the boys to see dolphins in Portugal last week and they loved it. So dream holiday…Iceland or Greenland maybe?
(In reality I want to go sit on a beach in the Maldives and drink prosecco)
 Favourite beverage?
AM – tea
PM – wine
Pet peeve?
Shower curtains that stick to you in the shower, and the fact that ‘non iron’ school shirts still need ironed every time!
Prettiest street? 
It’s a cliche to say Circus Lane because everyone does, but I see it every day and it makes me smile.
Autumn/Winter Wish list?
Im on the hunt for the perfect  every day coat, so if anyone has any ideas…? Also, (aside from lego) I want to try and do my Christmas shopping from local businesses! [Check back here for tips!]
Book recommendation?
I’m reading Robert Webb’s  ‘How not to be a boy’ at the moment. It’s funny, poignant and easy to pick up and put down repeatedly, which is how I read books!
Best gift ever received?
Chris bought me a trip to New York for Christmas last year, it doesn’t get better than that!  We loved it so much we have decided to not give each other presents for Christmas and book to go back!

Charlotte at The Pantry, Colinton

Chris at The Pantry, Colinton

Thank you, Charlotte!

Photo credit goes to Teresa Dickson and top illustration is by our lovely Alison Soye – from her awesome book, Maggie’s Mittens!


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