Design: Stealing Ideas from Instagram

Design: Stealing Ideas from Instagram

We’ll talk about my love for Pinterest tomorrow but to an extent – I think it needs to step aside when it comes to interior design. It used to be my go-to place to ‘pinspiration’ and I would happily create mood boards for rooms until the cows came home. But all too often, I was seeing the same thing again and again. All too often, that pretty image didn’t actually lead to a site with relevant details. It promised pumpkin spiced latte and produced lukewarm herbal tea.

However, my mood boards are back to life thanks to Instagram and the ‘collections’ feature. Now when I spy something that inspires i.e. I want to copy – I can save it to a collection! Happiness is here again – or at least it would be if I had the budget to copy said ideas!

Today, I thought I’d share just a few of my favourite Instagrammers… (If you’ve been in my home don’t look too carefully for all the ideas I’ve totally ripped off.)

The Pink House

Emily Murray aka The Pink House did actually advise me on our master bedroom, so I haven’t exactly ‘stolen’ ideas given that thy were in fact given. But I absolutely adorer style even if she did abandon Edinburgh by moving back to London. Whilst I’m am living a little in envy of her London lifestyle, she’s sharing everything she’s doing to her new London house so that kind of makes up for it all.

If I could work out how to convince my husband that we NEED papier-mâché animal heads on our living room I’d be dancing.

Around the Houses

A post shared by Fiona Cameron (@around_houses) on

I have to confess that I totally failed to read Fiona Cameron’s description to go with her amazing stream properly. Given that I was following her for months before I actually realised she’s from Edinburgh! I totally her beautiful array of images and my ensuing obsession to get a rug like the one under her table. (I found one – thanks IKEA!)

She runs the hashtag #myhomevibe which is a great place to find even more inspiration!

Erica Davies – The Edited

Erica Davies Instagram stream does the double whammy in that she’s a fashion editor AND has an amazing house. She is the reason that I have a La Redoute rug in the playroom… and the reason that I’d really like two more elsewhere in the house. If I won the lottery, a giant green couch would also be first on my shopping list! Along with lots of pillows from Anthropologie – although I think this selection is from Monsoon home!

Housfolk The Edit

I would still describe our style as Scandi-boho or Scanbo more than anything else given my love of colour. I just couldn’t live in a house of white – although I absolutely admire homes that do! Housfolk gathers together such inspiration which if nothing else encourages me to declutter!

Yeah ok bye

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Another local love is Lisa whose home seems just so wonderfully light and airy – with the added bonus of housing loads of plants! I still have a nasty habit of killing all of mine. The fakey in the hall seems to be doing fine but the remainder seem generally to be an unhappy yellow colour. Lisa, seems a) not kill hers and b) have green successfully appearing in all corners of her home. Her feed is just lovely and I’m totally stealing ideas from her bathroom whilst re-doing ours after an unfortunate plumbing disaster!

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