Parenting: What Did You Pack in your Hospital Bag?

Parenting: What Did You Pack in your Hospital Bag?

When I was pregnant with Katie, my first baby, I packed an crazy amount of stuff in my Hospital Bag. Water spray, fluffy socks, and weirdly brand new PJs from The White Company. I dutifully read every book going and carefully, detailed my packing list in my Moleskin Baby Book. Fast forward three years, when we had Thomas, I spent so little time at the hospital I’m not sure I even opened my bag. Let alone recall what was in it. Looking through my old list and reminiscing, I’m curious what other people took with them – the good, the bad, and the slightly weird…

Mums recommend…

Portable iPhone Charger. If you stay overnight then you are alone for quite a long period of time. My portable charger was so helpful as if I didn’t have it I wouldn’t have been able to use it whilst it was on charge as the plug was too far away. It also meant I didn’t need to get out of bed whenever it needed charging which was welcomed as my c-section scar made getting out really difficult. – Caroline

I took a handheld fan, the look I gave my partner when he put it on, most annoying thing ever!! Must have was money, I was induced and was there for a couple of days – hospital food was rank so I’m glad I had money to go to the cafè! – Amy

The one thing that I would not have gone without was a pair of GIANT Bridget Jones style knickers… or three! Literally the only thing comfortable enough after pushing a baby out my hoohah. – Naomi

Arnica tablets. They helped with the swelling/bruising in the nether regions afterwards! – Laura

A bottle of frozen squash. Probably less important in the winter, but it meant I had a cold drink during my labour. I made it a couple of weeks before I was due and put it in the freezer and got it out when we went to the hospital. Did it with both my girls, they’re both summer babies. – Hannah

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag

I stupidly put nail Polish and a book in just in case he slept so much I was bored! – Jen

Nipple Cream! It was an absolute life saver in the first few days of feeding. – Beth

A pen and notebook. On my first I was writing lots of things down such as when she’d eaten etc for when the midwifes came to check how we were doing as my memory was terrible. – Kerry

Big knickers are a must and a comfy nighty for after labour. I hired a TENS machine and didn’t touch it. – Jenni

The best thing for me was maternity pads and fruit pastilles! They were the first things I packed second time round. With baby one I was told he would be 11 pounds ish so I packed so I packed loads of clothes in 3 sizes from newborn but typically it was all water and he was dinky so my husband had to rush out on day one and buy tiny baby Vests and suits! Second time round I hardly took anything in because I realised how easy it was to just have what I needed brought in. – Laura

Flip flops. Perfect for showering in any communal bathrooms on a hospital ward, or keeping cool on a warm ward rather than slippers. – Steph

What did you take in your hospital bag? What were your ‘must-have’ items? Was there anything you realise was daft in retrospect? I’d love to hear…

What to pack in your hospital bag checklist. Advice from Mums. Actual advice on realistically what you need for your hospital bag for labour.

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