Activities: Step It Up Summer Camp

Activities: Step It Up Summer Camp

I can’t believe that we’re already into the start of June – but despite the recent wet weather – that does mean that the summer holidays are right around the corner. With that in mind, I’ve been giving a lot of thought as to how I’m going to occupy the kids over those seven weeks!

We’re lucky in Edinburgh that the Fringe brings all kinds of entertainment. I’m looking forward to some great shows this year but it’s still a long way off. With that in mind – I’ve been learning about summer camps. Or specifically, Step It Up Dance holiday camps.

A long time ago, I had a local parent asked me for a recommendation for a summer camp. I didn’t have an answer at the time but it’s been something I’ve been dwelling on.  How do you distinguish between one activity and another? How do you work out what’s right for your child?

When I initially heard about the Step It Up Holiday Camp it sounded great – dancing, team games, treasure hunts, graffiti arts & crafts, face/arm painting, making new friends – all of those sound hugely positive. I also know that Katie loved her Step It Up classes when I was on maternity leave. I always thought it was awesome that although it was a ‘dance’ class there were actually more boys that girls. Hip Hop is evidentially very cool. But what would a whole week be like?

Obviously – a word of mouth recommendation is ideal or finding something a friend is also attending. But obviously if you’re new to the concept – or even new to the area – this is easier said than done. And you’re obviously left wondering what’s best.

So when I had the opportunity to interview Lisa McLeod, manager of Step It Up Dance, I tried to deal with all of those questions:

“What’s the main thing kids get from attending a Step It Up Dance holiday camp? What makes them different?”

When children attend a SIUD camp they are guaranteed to have the best time each day; making new friends, learning new dance skills, developing their technique as well as having the chance to be very creative. We also provide face/arm painting one afternoon, children create their own graffiti t-shirts which each child gets to take home as well as receiving an exclusive SIUD summer camp t-shirt.


Step It Up Dance Holiday Camp


“How do you deal with children who haven’t done any dance or who are shy?”

We have an experienced team of qualified dance teachers who are great with children of all ages and abilities. At SIUD camp we always start each day with an energetic warm up making sure we are preparing ourselves for our day ahead; this is then followed with team games, which the children love… even those children that are slightly shy.

Throughout camp the children learn a routine which is broken down section by section by the teacher mixed with choreography that the children create themselves. This gives the perfect opportunity for each child to shine and show off their talents. This routine is performed for parents on the last day of camp and we always get a massive thumbs up from everyone.


Step It Up Dance Holiday Camp


“Why do you enjoy working for Step it up?”

I have been working with Step It Up Dance for almost 4 years now and I love my job as the company manager. Every day for me is different and I always know to expect the unexpected. I get to work closely with our great team of teachers who are very creative and full of energy, chat to customers and plan for the future of SIUD. As well as working within the office I teach our dance classes within private nurseries, Schools and the local communities in Edinburgh and I help to host our camps, workshops and parties.

Seeing the children that I teach each week grow in confidence, self-esteem and technique always makes me feel proud.

Our annual dance show is a very special event for us as we get to see the majority of our pupils on stage whilst their families & friends watch within the audience.

Knowing that we are teaching something that we love (dance) to children who want to learn how to dance is a fab feeling to experience.


Step It Up Dance Holiday Camp


“What qualifications do the staff have?”

All of our teachers are fully qualified dance teachers who have all been first aid trained and Disclosure Scotland checked (PVG).

“What do the children say about Step It Up Dance camp? What do they like best?”

I love the dance show

Playing games, arts & crafts and dancing

Having different dance teachers


Playing the mummy game with toilet roll

Practicing for the dance show

Playing outside every day after lunch


Step It Up Dance Holiday Camp


“What do the grown-ups say about Step It Up Dance Camp?”

Monica had a great time at dance camp, thank you for the great activity and service you provide. (Mila, Monica’s Grown Up)

Tia absolutely loved it, she had a great time and we will definitely be booking her up for more camps. (Callie, Tia’s Grown Up)

“What age are the camps for?”

There are week-long camps throughout the holidays for Primary 1-7 children, and shorter active camps for Under 5’s. More details can be found on the website but camps are running in Stockbridge (Broughton High School) and Portobello (St John’s RC Primary School). You can check out more details on the website.

Thank you Lisa, for answering all my questions!

Do you have anything else you would ask? If you want to find out more then please do check out the website or just email

I’m personally hoping I can convince them to run an adult camp instead. I’m sure the baristas in Starbucks would take great care of her 😉







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