Food: The Best Gin and Tonic

Food: The Best Gin and Tonic

It’s the May half term here so that means a long weekend and with Grandma around to babysit – that means gin time!

Mike and have been working our way through ‘101 gins to try before you die.’ Whilst it may not be the most noble of lifetime aims, we thought it would be a fun one. We’ve only been going for about 5 months so we’re only about 10 gins in. Thus far, my favourite has to be Silent Pool. It’s got such a beautiful bottle and just tastes divine. I’m totally open to the next 91 being just as enjoyable though!

I should point out that ‘try’ does not mean drink a whole bottle. So I haven’t drunk 10 bottles of gin in 5 months…

Probably more like 9.

I feature an original illustration by Alison Soye every Friday, and here’s today’s.

P.S. Did you know Edinburgh has it’s own gin distillery? It’s certainly worth a visit!


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