My Mama Uniform: Emily

My Mama Uniform: Emily

Emily of Ella’s abode, is one of my favourite bloggers in the design world and is also a wonderful Mum to the beautiful Ella. I’ve been following her renovations of their family home closely (we have a mutual love of Farrow and Ball) and was delighted when she agreed to step up to be the first to share her approach to style in my new ‘Mama Uniform‘ series. Here, she reveals the trick to having beautiful skin and what she did to get out of a ‘style rut’…

What is your daily skincare routine?

I’ve found a routine that works & I stick to it. I have quite sensitive, hormonal skin (I blame pregnancy and contraceptives). I use a La Roche Posay gel wash, a Clarins toner, and an Avene moisturiser. I have a facial treatment oil from Clarins & a L’Oréal clay mask that get used during a breakout. I love the French skincare brands they just seem to suit my skin, and I would highly recommend a read of Caroline Hirons blog if you need skincare help. She’s my skincare queen!

Mama uniform

Do you wear make-up? What’s your routine?

I wear make up but not every day. If I’m not leaving the village or can’t be bothered than I don’t! Before becoming a mum I used to splash out on high end brands but over time I’ve swapped to all high street products (they’re just as good!). Some days it’s just concealer, blush, eyebrow gel and mascara but it really depends on how much time Ella (my 8mo daughter) allows me!

What do you do to style and care for your hair?

I must admit I’m lazy with my hair because it’s usually a toss up between that or make up. So most days I just put it up out of the way. Although I’ve recently had it cut & invested in a hot brush in the hope that styling will be quicker… but we’ll see!

Do you have an all-time favourite item of clothing?

Probably my L K Bennet Midi Skirt, I feel great in it and it’s a classic piece I’ll keep for years. Although it’s a dressy item so I don’t get to wear it much!

What was the most expensive item of clothing you’ve ever bought?

My L K Bennet Skirt! Although I now own two Mulberry handbags! My Bayswater was a gift from my mother in law and my clutch was a gift to myself with an unexpected mat pay bonus. I felt I deserved it after pushing another person out! (Editor: Agreed!) Other than the changing bag they’re the only two bags I ever use!

Mama uniform

You’ve recently been to see a John Lewis personal shopper – why did you want to do this?
I was stuck in a rut after working in retail for so long and wearing brands because I had to not because I wanted to. I’d forgotten how to apply the basic principals of styling to myself despite doing it for others all the time. I had no idea how to dress my new shape and generally felt like I needed a professional to get me out of my harbour top/skinny jeans/chelsea boot rut.
Did they help you find a new ‘every-day’ outfit?
Yes and no. You’ll still find me in skinny jeans and occasionally an harbour top but I now have the confidence to try things I would have dismissed before. The thing I took from it the most was the information about what colours suit me. Knowing this means I’ve already pulled together a little capsule wardrobe of pretty, baby-friendly blouses and tops. I feel much smarter and more put together in these but they’re still minimal effort. I can also shop with confidence and I’m not afraid to try new things – whats the worst that can happen?!

How do you change your look for a date night?

At the moment I stick to skinny jeans, heels & a flattering plunge neck top, all in black because I don’t have to worry about baby related stains!

Would you recommend the experience to other Mums?
Definitely. As a Mother’s Day treat my husband paid for the experience (redeemable against purchase) but all the other stylist appointments are free of charge. I learnt valuable information about myself, like how I’m not the dress size I thought I was! It was a really positive appointment. The stylist didn’t focus on any of my body ‘negatives’ it was all about what did look good which coincidentally made me forget about my wobbly tummy woes.


What’s your favourite thing about being a Mum?

Seeing my little girl smile & hearing her laugh, knowing that I make her happy, and her knowing she is loved!

Mama Uniform with baby

Speaking of children, how do you like to dress your kids?

Ella is the first child and grandchild in the family so we started with nothing! Ella is usually dressed in a mixture of supermarkets and Next baby clothes. I like the price and the quality you get, especially when she’s usually filthy by lunchtime! Her go to outfit is a top and leggings/jeans and occasionally a dress but I’d rather her be comfortable. Her nannys spoil her though, she has a Joules wardrobe to rival my own – we accidentally twin quite often!

Have you got any ‘life-hacks’ for busy Mums?

Yes! My friend Lauren (Blogger at Dilan & Me) reminded me of the genius product that is Nivea in shower moisturiser! Saves so much time!

Can you think of an occasion that you felt the most beautiful?

Probably my wedding day! That’s when you’re supposed to feel beautiful right?

Who is your style icon?

I don’t really have one and I guess that’s half my problem, being 5ft 11″ I feel like most celebs style is unattainable!

If you’re having a tough day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

I hand the baby to my husband and take the dog for a walk to clear my head. Or failing that cake!!

Thank you, Emily!




  1. April 17, 2017 / 10:16 am

    I’ve never thought of trying a personal shopper – what a great idea for giving you a little style refresh! I’m definitely guilty of getting stuck in a rut!! x

    • April 17, 2017 / 11:25 am

      I actually got see the John Lewis lady a lot myself – if you have a specific item in mind it’s free. I needed a new suit so sent my size and an explanation of what I was looking for – she gathered everything together for me and then gave honest advice. It was glorious.

  2. April 17, 2017 / 3:45 pm

    I’m so pleased to have been included in this. I hope my little bits of advice help another mum out there! Thanks Laura xx

    • April 18, 2017 / 9:47 am

      Thanks again for taking part Emily! I loved your answers! xx

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