Activities: Mila and Pheebs Craft Kit

Activities: Mila and Pheebs Craft Kit

Katie is a massive fan of arts and crafts so we were delighted to receive some very exciting post this week…

In a box specifically addressed to Katie, we discovered a wealth of treasure in the form of a Mila and Pheebs Craft kit.

Absolutely bursting with activities, each Mila and Pheebs kit provides a variety of activities around a different theme. We received the ‘Spring box’ which has an array of seasonal stationary and activities – all obviously related to Spring! Perfect timing for the clock change.

Katie was immediately attracted to the ‘Duck Mosaic Wand Kit’, recognising it as an activity she was familiar with. All she had to do was stick small squares onto a duck, and in the process make a glittery duck. She was quite adamant that she would be doing it ‘all on her own’ and did just get on with it…. whilst providing a running commentary of her day. It’s rare that I actually get so much detail about her day so this was a welcome addition.

Mila and Pheebs

She then moved on to making a butterfly ‘memo pad’ by sticking a series of stickers onto the pad. Katie says that she liked putting the blue layer on top of the purple layer. But also added that she would like to use the pad when she starts primary school. This is a ‘big thing’ in Katie’s world right now as I’m guessing they’ve been talking about it at preschool. It’s nice that she’s thinking positively about it – although I’m unsure how she’s old enough already!

Mila and Pheebs

Next, she was rather keen to use the Butterfly Foil Stickers so set about writing some cards. Firstly, for my Birthday and then one for her teachers. Katie says she liked putting the stickers on the envelope because ‘she likes doing stickers and stuff so liked the stickers!’ Her writing is obviously pretty basic and she certainly follows her own writing convention. But I think it’s really cute!

She was happy to write using the ‘Chick Pencil’ contained within the kit but still seems utterly baffled by the concept of erasing anything she’s done. Although she did think the Ladybird Eraser was:

“Oh my gosh – so cute.”

(I have no idea where she got this phrase from but I’m blaming kiddy youtube which has now been deleted!)

Mila and Pheebs

Katie gave the Word Search a game go but admittedly did find the capital letters difficult. She managed to find a couple of words but the backwards and diagonals were just beyond her. Given that it’s aimed at 6+ years, this is entirely understandable, but she could obviously access this with help.

The cute foam stickers were pretty much annihilated by Thomas before I got home from the gym. And whilst Katie had given the daffodil set a game go… she kind of just resorted to decorating it by stabbing the base with a pencil. Thankfully, this was perfectly salvageable and is now sitting in pride of place on the kid’s kitchen.

Finally, the kit included some colouring in cards and a spot the difference. Katie adores spot the difference so I’m surprised that she kept this until last. But she proudly gifted Mike and I a picture each to take to work!

Mila and Pheebs

It was lovely to see Katie working her way through these activities utterly focused on the task at hand. With the lighter evenings, it’s been a wonderful way to pass the time after tea. Usually she’s demanding TV at this time or insists that going to the park is perfectly acceptable before bedtime – so this has been a most welcome activity!

The kit was beautifully presented with the contents simply wrapped in yellow tissue paper. A little newsletter was a nice edition to the box with a couple of wee facts about Spring too!

In terms of pricing, there’s a number of options for people wanting to subscribe to Mila and Pheebs to receive a box each month. Although you can buy a one-off box for £10 plus £2.99 UK delivery, not all the themes are released in this way! Subscription means you don’t miss out and you’re guaranteed a great activity for your kids each month. The box easily fitted through our letter box – so was a really nice welcome home for Katie! There’s no cancellation fees or any tricks. You just need to subscribe by the 10th of the month and you’ll be in time for the latest themed box.

 PS. If you use the code ‘edinburghlifewithkids’ you’ll get 10% off any Mila and Pheebs subscription until 30th April 2017.




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