Activities: How to create a Sparkly Crown

Activities: How to create a Sparkly Crown

Like many children her age, Katie enjoys dressing up. Some of the costumes in her dressing up box are undeniably cute. Be it a fairy outfit or her Harry Potter cloak – she has a great time.

However, I do always appreciate her more unconventional options.

I have admitted before that I worry about what other people must think when they see my kids.

Particularly when they look like they’ve been dressed in the dark.

Over time, it’s something that I’ve just become resigned to. Katie is an incredibly opinionated child and at the end of the day, she’s happy. I do also worry at times that I’m creating an absolute brat child by caving to her demands – but she seems to be doing ok really!

I’ve tried to curb some of her enthusiasm by shopping in places that have tasteful options. For example, I know that the Treehouse in Stockbridge will always have an array of shoes that I like. They will measure and fit her shoes properly, and will only give Katie a limited amount to chose from.


Why is there always a however?

At Christmas, Katie received some money as a gift. I asked what she would like to spend it on and she rattled off a list of things that she had already received. Once I pointed out that she already has these things she went quiet for a while. Always a dangerous sign.

Eventually, she exclaimed that she knew exactly what she wanted.

She proclaimed, that the thing that would really make her happy would be sparkly shoes. Sounds good…

… with flashing lights.

Off we went to Craigleith and duly purchased pink and purple sparkly trainers complete with disco lights. She is of course, is in 7th heaven and I am vainly trying to smile.

I did think however – why not just embrace the sparkle and add to the costume? With that in mind – I give you Sparkly Crowns!How to make a Sparkly Crown - Edinburgh Life

What you need

Glitter material
A ruler and fabric pen
Backing material
A sewing machine with co-ordinating thread

After a quick Google, I managed to pick up an A4 glitter fabric sheet for a whole £2.65. Due to the amount of glitter attached to it, this sheet was naturally quite rigid. To begin I simply drew a crown shape onto the back of this shape – with my ruler and pen – before cutting it out.

Katie selected some Dr Seuss material from my craft bag that was then cut to be a similar size.

With ‘wrong’ sides facing, I then started to sew the two layers together. I attached two lengths of ribbon to either side of the crown (located off an old shopping bag) – and figured I’d leave a small hole to turn the crown right side in.

How to make a Sparkly Crown - Edinburgh Life

However, I didn’t take into account exactly how stiff the fabric was. There was no way it was turning out through a small hole so I had to unpick the bottom of the crown.

This wasn’t really an issue because at this point, I found the trickiest bit to be the ‘points’ of the crown. By unpicking the bottom, I could ensure that I could really poke the ‘top’ points out and could snip the material around the lower points for it to sit a little smoother.

At this point I was running out of time and patience. Remembering my Grandmother’s favourite mantra:

You’d never notice it on a trotting horse.

I decided to just top stick the bottom of the crown a couple of times. If I had done this a bit more neatly or in a nice colour of thread it would be the thing to do. In this instance, just as you wouldn’t notice it on a trotting horse – you don’t really notice it on a hyper four year-old either.

How to make a Sparkly Crown - Edinburgh Life

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