Edinburgh Mums: Discounts & Treats!

Edinburgh Mums: Discounts & Treats!

I was wondering if you’ve all managed to find the Edinburgh Mums app yet? It’s still pretty new but after being contacted by the developers, I’ve been busy trying it out over the festive period to see if it’s something I wanted to recommend. My conclusion – in short, download it now.

‘Edinburgh Mums’ has basically drawn together loads of different businesses into one app in order that they may try and attract you to them by offering a variety of deals and discounts. You can either browse through the businesses which have been helpfully divided into different categories, or allow your location settings to work out what deals are nearest to you.

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To use any given deal all you need to do is ‘redeem the offer’ within the app and show it to a member of staff at the business. The first time I used the app was for a lunch at The Pantry in Stockbridge – this gave me £1 off for every £10 spent. In all honesty, the guy serving us hadn’t heard about the app but he was happy to honour it without any fuss at all. I hadn’t gone to The Pantry many times before and wouldn’t have thought to do so that day if I hadn’t had the app – so actually it fulfilled it’s aim of getting users to use local business and I had a much nicer time than I would’ve had at Starbucks!

On a little bit of a divergence – The Pantry has a new play area for babies/toddlers which kept Katie happy for well over an hour and their baby change was incredible (spacious, clean with a proper change table). I would definitely go back – I had a very tasty Eggs Benedict and the decaf coffee was divine. They also complimented my kids which may have slightly made me love them a bit more too!

Back to the app… I was a little sceptical of the statement that the app ‘helps’ local business given that local business have to pay to use it, so I decided to speak to the owners of some of the businesses that have signed up. This totally reassured me that actually, even though it’s new, business are being supported. Businesses can sign on from £15 +VAT and aren’t tied into a lengthy contract. They have control of the offers they are putting out and the developers don’t take any additional cuts. Compared to magazine advertising or paying for sponsored posts on Facebook etc., this is actually very reasonable and I’ve since recommended friends with businesses to sign up!

It’s also not just small businesses that have signed up to offer deals. I was very quick to notice (and then enjoy) a complimentary hand and arm massage with a class of Prosecco whilst doing my Christmas shopping at Molton Brown! If I didn’t already have gym membership elsewhere I certainly would be making the most of a free family day pass at Virgin Active Fountain Park – I used to be a member here when I lived in Polwarth and would definitely recommend.

Another plus is that unlike a lot of Mums’ groups in Edinburgh, this brings together offers that are attractive to Mums with children of all ages, or even to Mums without children in tow. There are some great offers for nights off and things like beauty treatments – everyone needs to unwind at some point!

I would say my only criticism is that the naming of the app may put off potential users – many of the businesses that have signed up would be attractive to people without children and of course – Dads! The Basement bar is one of my husband’s favourites and is offering a fantastic 20% off – whilst Mike isn’t likely to go there without me, I’m making sure he has the app on his phone was well.

Given that the app has only recently launched, it doesn’t have a massive range of businesses yet – but kudos to the one’s who have already signed on and I can only expect it to expand from here.

Disclaimer: The developers did ask me to review the app but I haven’t received payment for doing so – and all views are my own! 

The Edinburgh Mums app is FREE and available now on iPhone: https://goo.gl/r5O1KC & Android: https://goo.gl/1iPhiH




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