Activities: Christmas Cards

Activities: Christmas Cards

Being married to an Artist undoubtedly has it’s perks: firstly, we have amazing original art throughout the house, so much so that a lot of it is also throughout our friends houses as well – which is pretty cool. Secondly, our kids have used far more materials and techniques than I would guess most kids would have the opportunity to try, and of course, he’s pretty chilled out about them creating an almighty mess in the name of Art. I did have to draw the line at him encouraging Katie to draw on the walls though!

At Christmas, the best perk has to be the creation of cards. If I find an idea on Pinterest – Mike will have a way of mimicking it and usually a way of simplifying it to make life a little easier! Today, I thought I’d explain how we’ve managed to produce over 50 ‘homemade’ cards each year:

I’m sure most of you will have seen ‘handprint’ art before. Essentially, you take a hand or foot print and draw over it to create some kind of recognisable creature or object.

This year we were thinking reindeers, mistletoe and Katie added in her request for Christmas trees. So to start all we needed to do was a green handprint for the tree, green footprints for the mistletoe, three brown handprints for the reindeer and a Thomas footprint for Santa’s sleigh. Through a combined parental effort, this was done quite quickly with minimal mess – and Katie could then just continue painting away in her own world.

cards 1

Once these were dried, I added some details to the Christmas tree in acrylic paint but then it was over to Mike to scan the images into the computer and add in elements on Publisher.

santa final022

These were then printed onto white card and folded ready for the marathon card writing session for all of Katie’s nursery friends.

I can remember my parents receiving hundreds of cards each year but the majority of my friends don’t seem to send them (a notable exception being my lovely friend from Canada – long live the Christmas moose!). I guess with increased postal prices etc. it just seemed more hassle than it was worth, and I do like the current fashion of just posting a Happy Christmas message on Facebook to let people know you’ll be donating to charity instead! However, I do like to send one to my Grandma along with a up-to-date photo of the kids – so for those, we window mount the images in coloured card. Whilst this takes a bit more time, I think it’s really pretty effective:



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