Food: The Contented Calf

Food: The Contented Calf

The Contented Calf cookbook came to me recommended by my friend Megan. I was really lucky after Katie was born to meet a fantastic group of Mums who were also all breastfeeding. Even so, I still worried a lot. Katie was a very ‘pukey’ baby suffering badly from reflux. I was constantly fretting that she wasn’t getting enough milk and that my supply wasn’t good enough. So this time round I knew that I wanted to try and feed Thomas but was concerned that I would find myself in the same situation.

Fortunately I had a really good midwife who supported me through the first few difficult days and my friends were still around once she had signed me off. My milk supply this time just seems better. I have no idea if this is relating to less stress, more sleep, better diet or magic -but I am not complaining!

Thomas seems to like to eat… a lot. So I’ve been keen to find out about what I can do to ensure my milk supply stays good. Enter the Contented Calf.

Basically this book spells out a list of food that can aid milk production and then what to avoid. The Content CalfBefore hearing about this book I had looked around and found some pretty mixed messages and I actually found a lot of stuff that just sounded gross and quite far away from ‘real’ food – which in my world is stuff that you can buy easily at Sainsburys.

I liked the simplicity of the Contented Calf straight away. There was no complicated formula and flicking through I could see a lot of things that I want to try utilising the suggested food. As an indication of realism there is a whole section entitled ‘sweet things’ which includes references to snacking. Despite eating good meals I have found that I am often starving during the day, so anything that mentions restrictive portions would be given a swift departure right now.

Although I am keen to be back in my ‘normal’ jeans, according to the oracle that is google, healthy weight loss for a breastfeeding Mum is 1lb a week. I’m currently on track with that despite snacking. I know that if I cut snacks or reduced portion size I could lose weight quicker but I also know that isn’t good for me or my milk production and would therefore be bad news for Thomas: It’s not going to happen!

So, over the next few weeks and months, I’ll share how I’ve found some of the recipes from the Contented Calf. Alongside trying to highlight some of the fab local shops I buy produce from!

The ‘Contented Calf Cookbook: Nourishing Recipes for Breastfeeding Mums to Help Promote Milk Production’ by Elena Cimelli is available in paperback for £14.99 or on Kindle for £7.99, from Amazon. 

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